Trades are not displayed on the chart

Make sure that you opened the chart for the symbol you traded.

For example, you placed a trade for COCOAc (Fixed account), and the chart is displayed for COCOA (Standard Instant). In this case, your trade will not be displayed on the chart.

All accounts except for Standard Instant and Standard Islamic use suffixes in their symbol names.

Suffixes for FX instruments:

  • Suffix «с» on Fixed and Fixed Islamic accounts, e.g. COCOAc
  • Suffix «b» on ECN accounts, e.g. COCOAb
  • Suffix «d» on Standard Market accounts, e.g. COCOAd
  • There’s no suffix on Standard and Standard Islamic accounts, e.g. COCOA
  • Suffixes for CFD instruments:
  • Suffix «b» on all account types, e.g. COCOAb
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