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About AMarkets

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AMarkets' Mission

Over the years of the Company’s existence, the letter A has acquired several different meanings, which now shape our mission and philosophy:

A symbol of leadership and perfection in our quest for sustainability, service excellence and outstanding results
By using advanced, high-end technologies, we provide innovation combined with practical execution
An exciting environment of financial markets takes you on an emotional roller coaster
For more than 14 years of work, we’ve gained vast, extensive experience, and worked out a qualified approach to the execution of services
Being accountable to our customers, making sure that they are happy with our products and services, putting their interests first is our number one priority
We forge and maintain a strong alliance with traders and partners to ensure fruitful cooperation in the financial markets

Company History

Providing brokerage services in Latin America, Asia and CIS, AMarkets focuses on offering high-quality services and comprehensive support to its clients and partners. Our professional team is committed to finding innovative solutions and introducing new technologies so that AMarkets clients from all over the world could get the best trading conditions. Our experts take an active part in various industry conferences and events, where they discuss trends and prospects of financial markets.

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October 2007

The company is established under the brand name Adrenalin Forex

October 2007

We opened the first office, launched the website and set a bridge with a liquidity provider. Clients received free access to MetaTrader 4 trading platform

November 2007

The Company participated in ForexExpo, an international exhibition and created a special product TraderBox for the guests of the exhibition

November 2007

We held our first educational webinar on financial markets for participants with different trading experience

December 2007

Paying special attention to quality analytics, we introduced daily economic reviews.

February 2008

The Company began to expand its presence around the world

April 2008

The clients’ trade turnover rose by 100% during the global financial crisis

May 2008

One of our clients showed a record profit of $20,000 in one day

July 2008

The Company celebrated 1,000th client

February 2009

The Company became the laureate of the IAFT Awards in the nomination 'Discovery of the Year'

April 2009

A full-fledged client department was created, using SalesForce CRM-system - the world leader in the CRM-systems market

August 2009

Company clients get free access to Trading Central and Autochartist - the best analytical services, and also to unique materials from the analytical department

October 2009

Forecasts from our analysts become a runaway hit among traders and are published in major media

March 2010

The partner network is growing and partnership programs department is working on new ways to attract traders to financial markets

May 2010

The Company participates in a social program to support children from orphanages

September 2010

The Company became a member of the Commission on Regulation of Financial Markets Participants Relationships (KROUFR)

November 2010

A fully fledged analytical department began its work. Clients are now provided with daily forecasts and market reviews

November 2010

Adrenalin Forex undergoes a rebranding process and transforms into AForex, marking a significant milestone in the company's evolution

March 2011

The Company enters partnership with top-tier liquidity providers: Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Barclays, UBS, Morgan Stanley and BNP Paribas

April 2011

No Dealing Desk technology becomes available to all clients

May 2011

The Company opens first trading accounts for clients from the Asian region

June 2011

The Company received the KROUFR certificate for its original educational programs and won in the nomination 'Best Forex Educational Program 2011' in the 'ShowFx World' open voting

July 2011

The Company sponsored ShowFx World, globally renowned exhibition

August 2011

The Сompany participated in the scientific and practical conference “Problems and prospects of currency trading” for the executives of top Forex companies.

September 2011

The Company takes 11th place in the largest Forex-brokers rating according to Interfax

October 2011

A full-fledged Partnership programs department was created

June 2012

The Company joined CRFIN, The Center for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies

July 2012

The Company among the first introduced Mirror Trader platform for social trading

August 2012

Company representatives participated in the international Forex Magnates Summit 2012 in London

September 2012

The company expands the range of available trading instruments, introducing CFDs (contracts for difference) on major stock market indices, oil futures and metals

October 2012

Company top-managers spoke at the Financial Supermarket business forum

March 2013

The Company became the fastest growing STP-broker in Asia according to Global Banking Finance Review and won the IAFT Award in Dynamic Development

May 2013

One of the first brokers to introduce an updated version of the Mirror Trader platform powered by X Open Hub

July 2013

Company representatives visited the international Forex Magnates Summit 2013 in London

August 2013

Clients were offered a new trading instrument - the RTS index

September 2013

The Company became a member of The Financial Commission to ensure that clients’ interests are protected by an independent regulator

October 2013

The Company participated in the affiliate programs exhibition (RACE)

March 2014

The Company spoke at the China International Online Trading Expo and at the World Currency Market international Forex congress

April 2014

Order execution speed reached a record 60 ms, thanks to the introduction of new technologies

May 2014

The company organized a series of signature seminars for traders

June 2014

The Company won the IAFT Awards 'The highest percentage of successful clients' and 'The fastest execution of orders'

July 2014

'Laboratory' section with unique market sentiment indicators and automated solutions for trading was added to the website

August 2014

We improved our trading conditions and reduced the spread on most trading instruments

September 2014

Clients are now fully compensated for the deposit commission charged by payment systems

October 2014

The first educational seminar was held at the specialized exhibition RACE

November 2014

The Company updated its Partner Area on the website. Partners received a wide range of new tools to attract clients

February 2015

The company's services expanded beyond the Forex market, now offering Stocks trading to clients. Consequently, AForex rebrands itself as AMarkets

March 2015

Due to the constant market analysis and high-quality risk management, the Company prevented significant client losses during the collapse of the Swiss franc

April 2015

Order execution speed at AMarkets reached a new record - 30 ms versus the industry’s average of 500 ms

May 2015

The Company entered the top-5 international forex brokers with the highest percentage of successful customers

June 2015

The Company developed unique market sentiment indicators 'Cayman' and 'Aggregate position'

July 2015

The Company now offers more than 700 instruments to trade stock and currency markets

August 2015

The Company registered its 100,000th client

September 2015

The Company took second place in the ranking of global brokers with the highest rate of successful clients

October 2015

AMarkets representatives participated in the Second International Forex Congress, organized by the CRFIN

November 2015

AMarkets launches customer support in Telegram and Viber, morning briefings are now held daily live on Periscope

November 2015

AMarkets organizes its first large-scale tour around the CIS countries with the signature seminar by the Company leading analyst

November 2015

The Company introduced xStation - a new trading terminal with xSocial service for social trading, and MetaTrader 4 web and MAC OS versions

November 2015

AMarkets becomes the winner of the RACE Awards 2015 in the nomination 'The best forex broker in the affiliate programs market'

November 2015

AMarkets introduced a new Affiliate program, based on the CPA-model - 'Webmaster'. Complete traffic statistics can be now accessed in the Partner area

December 2015

AMarkets expanded its list of available trading instruments: commodities, bonds and indices became available in the trading platform

December 2015

AMarkets clients are now able to trade using VPS-servers

March 2016

The xStation terminal now offers more than 1,500 Stocks of global companies and ETFs

April 2016

AMarkets takes client security to the next level by introducing two-factor authentication

May 2016

New structured products are introduced and added in the Ready-made investments section on our website

June 2016

Free SMS notification service was added in the client Personal area

July 2016

Minimum deposit to open ECN account has become 5 times smaller - $1,000

September 2016

AMarkets clients held a successful trading session during the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum (Brexit)

October 2016

Our analysts took part in the International Economic Forum 2016

March 2017

A client made a net profit of $98,000 in 1 year, trading GBP/CHF and USD/CHF. His initial deposit was $32,500.

April 2017

Ernst&Young, a global reputable audit firm conducted AMarkets’ due diligence audit

May 2017

Among the first broker companies, we added new trading instruments - cryptocurrency pairs and new stocks

July 2017

AMarkets introduced an updated version of the MirrorTrader platform and built 3 ready-made portfolios yielding 46% with MirrorTrader strategies

August 2017

We canceled commission on deposits and withdrawals completely

October 2017

The Company celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017

October 2017

Our experts in crypto-investing held several workshops in Kyiv and Almaty

October 2017

Partner Remuneration at AMarkets has become one of the highest in the industry

December 2017

With the initial deposit of $1,800, one of the clients earned $300,488 of net profit in 5 months on cryptocurrency and blue-chip stocks trading

May 2018

AMarkets’ clients got an option to choose the base currency when opening a new account - EUR or USD

May 2018

AMarkets increased the maximum leverage up to 1:1000

June 2018

AMarkets launched MetaTrader4 MultiTerminal, which allows traders to open and manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

August 2018

MetaTrader 5 became available on live accounts

September 2018

AMarkets completed Execution Certification from Verify My Trade

November 2018

AMarkets launches Customer Support in MetaTrader 5.

March 2019

We launched 100% Shariah-Compliant Islamic Accounts

April 2019

AMarkets made MetaTrader 5 web platform and mobile application both for iOS and Android available to all clients

April 2019

AMarkets has canceled daily limits on withdrawal via electronic payment systems

May 2019

AMarkets registered its own trademark!

June 2019

We launched a new Loyalty Program “Cashback from AMarkets”

October 2019

With the initial deposit of $22,000, a client earned $50,000 of net profit in 3 months trading EUR/USD and GBP/USD

November 2019

A client made a net profit of $23,000 in 6 months, trading EUR/USD with the initial deposit of $48,000

December 2019

The Company now offers enhanced trading functionality in MT5: fixed spreads, EUR accounts and EU stocks

March 2020

Our trading turnover tripled compared to Q1 2019

April 2020

AMarkets launched RAMM copy trading service for traders and investors

May 2020

The number of active clients has increased by 1.5 times since 2019

July 2020

We added new features and updated our mobile application

August 2020

The Financial Commission highly evaluated the quality of AMarkets’ service in its report “Financial results for the first half of 2020”

September 2020

AMarkets wins the Best Value Broker - Middle East nomination at 2020 Global Forex Awards

October 2020

The Company celebrates its 13th Anniversary

October 2020

The number of the Company’s active clients exceeded 350,000

November 2020

AMarkets added 43 instruments to the Stock list in the MetaTrader4 platform

December 2020

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms now available for macOS users

December 2020

AMarkets wins the Dynamic Development 2020 nomination at Traders Union Awards

January 2021

Premium accounts with improved swaps are now available for MT4 & MT5 accounts

February 2021

AMarkets holds a series of seminars for traders in Africa

March 2021

AMarkets expands its range of trading instruments: new CFDs are now available for clients

March 2021

AMarkets launches two new branch offices in Africa

April 2021

AMarkets its mobile app functionality (Google Play & App Store)

April 2021

AMarkets keeps improving its trading conditions: new leverage rates for currency pairs, gold spread reduced by 30% on ECN accounts

May 2021

The number of the company's clients worldwide exceeded 500,000

May 2021

Massive mobile app update on iOS

May 2021

AMarkets wins the World Forex Award in the Best IB Program 2021 category

June 2021

AMarkets wins the International Business Magazine Awards 2021 for its Best Affiliate Program Nigeria

June 2021

AMarkets wins the Best Copy-trading platform Nigeria category at the International Business Magazine Awards 2021

July 2021

The company doubles the number of CFDs on cryptocurrencies: 12 crypto pairs are available to clients

August 2021

Islamic accounts are now available in the MetaTrader 5 platform

August 2021

Commission on cryptocurrencies has been reduced five-fold and is now 0.1% for all types of trading accounts in the MT4 and MT5 platforms

August 2021

Trade Analyzer', a new tool for traders, is launched. Every client can now evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their trading strategy and become even more successful in the financial markets

September 2021

AMarkets raises its cashback rates indefinitely: the maximum cashback rate is now $17 per lot

September 2021

Market Sentiment Indicator was launched - a trading tool, that shows the buyer/seller ratio for each trading instrument in real time.

October 2021

AMarkets celebrates its 14th Anniversary

October 2021

24/7 Cryptocurrency trading becomes available to all AMarkets’ clients

October 2021

AMarkets wins two nominations at Global Forex Awards: “Best Value Broker — Asia” and “Best Forex Copy Trading Platform — Global”

October 2021

Clients can now use the “Trading plan” tool to manage their capital more effectively

November 2021

RAMM Copy Trading service is now available in the MetaTrader 4 platform

November 2021

AMarkets wins the “Fastest Growing Broker Indonesia” nomination at World Economic Magazine Awards 2021

December 2021

AMarkets wins the "Best Online Broker Indonesia" from Global Brands Magazine

January 2022

Clients get access to new powerful VPS for the simultaneous use of 4-8 MetaTrader terminals

February 2022

AMarkets participates in the largest global fintech B2B exhibition – iFX EXPO Dubai 2022

April 2022

The company increases the maximum volume of total cryptocurrency positions from $25,000 to $100,000 for each client

April 2022

Swaps on all stocks available for trading with AMarkets are reduced threefold: only 2.5% per annum

April 2022

AMarkets wins the "Most Reliable Broker Indonesia 2022" nomination at International Business Magazine Awards

May 2022

AMarkets wins the "Best Affiliate Program Vietnam 2022" nomination at the International Business Magazine Awards

May 2022

AMarkets wins the "Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2022" nomination from FxDailyInfo

June 2022

AMarkets adds 190 new stocks to its list of available trading instruments

June 2022

AMarkets slashes its spreads on US indexes by 50%

June 2022

The number of AMarkets’ clients has exceeded 900,000 people

July 2022

Candlestick charts are added to the “Trading Instruments” section

August 2022

AMarkets expands its cryptocurrency offering by adding 5 new cryptocurrency pairs

August 2022

The RAMM service is replaced by the Copy Trading service

September 2022

The leverage ratio on ECN accounts is increased to 1:3000

September 2022

AMarkets increases a trading bonus for clients participating in the loyalty program

September 2022

AMarkets expands its range of available trading instruments adding new currency pairs that include the Chinese Yuan and Singapore Dollar

September 2022

9 new instruments are added to the Sentiment indicator for market analysis

October 2022

AMarkets wins the “Most Reliable Mobile Trading Application” nomination from the Awards 2022

October 2022

The company presents a new updated version of the Copy Trading service: leverage is increased to 1:500, the turnover fee is canceled

October 1 2022

AMarkets celebrates 15 years of excellence

November 2022

The company expands its cryptocurrency offering by adding 8 new cryptocurrency pairs and increases its crypto leverage

January 2023

AMarkets participates in the largest financial B2B exhibition - iFX EXPO Dubai 2023

April 2023

A new bonus accounting system for MetaTrader 4 users is introduced

April 2023

A Crypto account is now available on MetaTrader 5

May 2023

AMarkets is recognized as the Fastest Growing Broker Asia 2023 by Global Business Review Magazine

July 2023

The company wins the Best Affiliate Programme 2023 nomination according to Pan Finance, a renowned business and finance magazine

July 2023

Commissions on indices are canceled for users of the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms

July 2023

An updated version of the MT5 WebTerminal is launched

August 2023

AMarkets wins two prestigious awards from International Business Magazine: Most Reliable Broker Asia 2023 and Most Reliable Broker Uzbekistan 2023

September 2023

Major improvements are made in the Personal Area for enhanced user experience

September 2023

AMarkets is recognized as the Most Reliable Broker 2023 according to FinanceFeeds

November 2023

AMarkets receives the Best Mobile Trading Application Global 2023 award from World Business Stars Magazine

December 2023

AMarkets attends Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, one of the leading affiliate marketing conferences globally

January 2024

AMarkets receives the "Dynamic Development - 2023" award at the Traders Union Awards

January 2024

The AMarkets team presents the company's products and services at iFX EXPO Dubai 2024, the world's largest financial exhibition

February 2024

A revamped, user-friendly version of the Copy Trading platform is launched

April 2024

AMarkets is honored with the "Best Customer Service – 2024" award by Pan Finance, a renowned source of global financial intelligence

April 2024

AMarkets achieves a significant milestone: the company now proudly serves 2 million clients worldwide!

Currently, AMarkets serves more than



clients worldwide

Protecting Your Funds

AMarkets pays serious attention to the safety of clients’ funds.

We keep all clients’ funds separate from the company’s operating accounts
and diversify Company’s assets among reliable global banks

AMarkets is a Member of The Financial Commission, which settles disputes between financial market participants, and provides protection for each of our clients with the Commission’s compensation fund, for up to €20,000 per case

AMarkets’ execution quality is confirmed by Verify My Trade (VMT) and complies with best execution standards. The trading history is analyzed by VMT on a monthly basis and every client can get access to the audit data by clicking on the Verify My Trade Execution Certification

  • AMarkets is a Member of The Financial Commission, which settles disputes between financial market participants, and provides protection for each of our clients with the Commission’s compensation fund, for up to 20,000 EUR per case

  • AMarkets' execution quality is confirmed by Verify My Trade (VMT) and complies with best execution standards. The trading history is analyzed by VMT on a monthly basis and every client can get access to the audit data by clicking on the Verify My Trade Execution Certification


We’re committed to continuously improving our products and services, as evidenced by multiple international awards.

  • Best Customer Service Asia 2024 International Business Magazine Awards 2024
  • Best Customer Experience PAN Finance Awards 2024
  • Dynamic Development – 2023 Traders Union Awards
  • Most Reliable Broker FinanceFeeds Awards 2023
  • Best Mobile Trading Application Global 2023 World Business Stars Magazine Award 2023
  • Most Reliable Broker Uzbekistan 2023 International Business Magazine Awards 2023
  • Most Reliable Broker Asia 2023 International Business Magazine Awards 2023
  • Best Affiliate Programme 2023 PAN Finance Award 2023
  • Fastest Growing Broker Asia 2023 Global Business Review Magazine 2023
  • Most Reliable Mobile Trading Application ForexRating 2022
  • Best Introducing Broker Programme Asia Global Forex Awards 2022
  • Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2022 FxDailyInfo
  • Most Reliable Broker Indonesia 2022 International Business Magazine Awards
  • The Fastest Growing Broker Indonesia World Economic Magazine Awards 2021
  • Best Value Broker Asia Global Forex Awards 2021
  • Best Copy Trading Platform – Global Global Forex Awards 2021
  • Best Copy-Trading Platform Nigeria 2021 INTLBM Awards 2021
  • Best Affiliate Program Nigeria 2021 INTLBM Awards 2021
  • Best IB Program
    World Forex Awards 2021
  • Dynamic Development 2020 Traders Union Awards 2020
  • Best Value Broker Middle East World Forex Awards 2020
  • Fastest Growing Forex Broker in the Middle East Egypt Investment Expo 2019
  • Best Forex Introducing Broker Program Award JFEX Awards 2019
  • Best Affiliate Programs on the Financial Markets Race Awards 2016
  • Best Forex Broker on the Affiliate Programs market Race Awards 2015
  • The Fastest Orders Execution 2014 IAFT Awards 2014
  • Best Execution Speed, Highest Client Success Rate IAFT Awards 2014
  • Fastest Growing STP-broker STP Broker Asia 2013
  • Dynamic Development IAFT Awards 2012
  • Best Educational Program Show FX 2011
  • Discovery
    of the Year
    Newsland 2009