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The Trader receives a commission (i.e., Trader’s fee) when Investors copy his Strategy in the Copy trading platform.

Trader’s fee – is a percentage of the Investor’s profit, paid to a Trader for investing in his Strategy and copying its trades.

The calculation of the Trader’s fee is based on the high-water mark principle, i.e., only if an Investor’s profit constantly grows and exceeds the previous high-water mark. If, according to the results of the reporting period, the Strategy is unprofitable, the Investor won’t pay the Trader’s fee until profits generated in the subsequent trading periods exceed the Investor’s losses.

Trader’s fees are calculated and paid automatically on the first day of the month, following the reporting one, when the Investor unsubscribes from a Strategy or withdraws part or all of the funds from the Investment. Strategy statistics displayed on charts don’t include the Trader’s fee.

The Trader’s fee cannot be less than 0.01 USD.

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