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How much funds do I need to deposit to my account? Why can this amount be smaller/greater than on my account with another broker?

In accordance with the terms of this service, you need to deposit at least 500 USD into your account. At the same time, the amount of your deposit must be equal to or more than the amount necessary to maintain the required margin for reopened positions.

For example, your account balance with another broker is $10,000 with $2,000 of unrealized loss and $8,000 equity. At the same time, you have an open position of 10 lots in USD/JPY with 1:500 leverage, the margin to maintain this position is $2,000. Thus, to reopen this position, you need to replenish your account with AMarkets for at least $2,000 to be able to maintain it.

After you deposit this amount into your account, your balance will be $4,000 ($2,000 your own funds and $2,000 balance adjustment for the amount of loss taking into account the current market prices at the time of reopening). The equity will remain unchanged – $2,000, but in the future it will change depending on your result on the current position.

In this case, you should be aware that your free margin will amount to zero: $4,000 (balance) – $2,000 (required margin) – $2,000 (floating loss) = $0. Respectively, the amount of your deposit and current loss to the amount of margin for the current open position will be 100%. The Stop Out level at AMarkets is 20%, so we recommend replenishing your account with a larger amount to reduce trading risks.

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