Terms and definitions

Trader – an AMarkets’ client who has created at least one strategy in the RAMM service and is trading in MetaTrader 5 platform using the trading account connected to this strategy.

Investor – an AMarkets’ client investing in Traders’ strategies in the RAMM platform.

Investment (Investment in a strategy) – a special account of the Investor, intended for copying trades of the selected Strategy.

Strategy – a Trader’s account for self-trading created by the Trader to send signals to attract investments.

Strategy rating – a list of all RAMM strategies created by Traders based on a comparative assessment of their characteristics such as yield, number of investors, minimum age of a strategy. The rating allows other investors who use the RAMM service to see the statistics on different strategies and select a suitable strategy to invest in.

Specification – a list of RAMM parameters, trading conditions, and requirements for creating strategies and investing.

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