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Seminar for AMarkets’ partners in Nigeria

On Saturday, October 23rd, a seminar for AMarkets’ partners was held in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. A young and talented entrepreneur Collins Oguzie and the company’s key affiliate in Rivers State, was a keynote speaker at this event.

The seminar was attended by experienced partners – owners of Forex trading institutions, mentors, and businesspeople in the industry.

Collins presented the benefits of the AMarkets affiliate program, gave examples of the agents’ earnings, and shared the company’s plans for business development in Nigeria. He also shared the latest AMarkets’ innovations, including 24/7 crypto trading, which will allow traders and partners in Nigeria to make money from cryptocurrency trading even during the weekends.

Most of the attendees expressed their interest and willingness to continue cooperation and register as AMarkets’ partners.

Join the ambitious AMarkets project in Nigeria and take full advantage of our award-winning affiliate program: high revenue share rates, daily remuneration payouts, additional sponsorship payments to the most promising partners!