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Possible changes in margin requirements for CHF instruments

Dear clients,

We inform you that the increased likelihood of foreign exchange interventions by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) may cause a powerful volatility surge in the financial markets, which may lead to greater trading risks.

To provide additional protection of client funds, AMarkets may alter its margin requirements for all types of accounts in MetaTrader 4, Metatrader 5 and RAMM platforms. Starting from November 18, 2021, the following changes may occur.

  • For currency pairs that involve CHF, margin requirements can be increased 10-fold (initial margin requirement 1000%)*;
  • AMarkets reserves the right to introduce further changes into trading terms depending on the market situation. The changes will affect both existing positions and those newly opened. Please, take them into consideration when planning your trades. Good luck with your trading!

Calculation formula

* Formula for calculating margin for instruments: lot size * contract size / leverage * margin percentage / 100. This means that if the initial margin requirement increases from 100% to 1000%, the margin to take a position will increase 10-fold, regardless of the leverage ratio used on the client’s trading account.