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New interface and features of the “Trading Instruments” section

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce that the Trading Instruments section has become even more convenient. Use the search bar to look up the instruments you are interested in and view detailed information on trading conditions and price quotes directly on the website.

What new features are now available in the “Trading Instruments” section?

Quick Search feature

Start typing the name of a trading instrument or its ticker symbol, and the search engine will automatically suggest all relevant options. For example, to find Apple Inc. stock, you can type “Apple Inc” or “AAPL.US”.

Convenient switch between asset classes

Click on the asset class below the search bar: Forex, Metals, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, Commodities, Indices, Stocks – and view a complete list of available financial instruments.

Weekly change indicator

To the right of each trading instrument, you can see the profitability change for the past week. Negative values are highlighted in red for convenience, and positive values are highlighted in green.

Use these data to scan the markets and choose the best instruments for trading.

Chart for each instrument with the ability to switch between timeframes

Click on the trading instrument to view advanced statistics:

  • Study the price action for the selected period: day, week, month, quarter, half a year, year or the entire time.
  • Analyze the changes for the selected period. The “Change for the period” value reflects the asset’s dynamics for the selected time period.
  • Monitor market prices and the current spread. Above the chart on the right side, you can see a real-time data feed that provides BUY and SELL quotes. Don’t miss profitable levels to enter the market.

Detailed specification for each instrument

Check out the specification of each instrument below the price chart to choose the most favorable trading conditions. Switch between the trading platforms and account types and get the most up-to-date information on:

  • minimum and average spread sizes,
  • Buy and Sell swaps,
  • the value of one lot,
  • commission,
  • leverage ratio,
  • Stop/Limit level,
  • trading hours.

Go to theTrading Instruments section and take advantage of the new functionality and convenient interface.

We wish you successful trading!