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Contract size update

Dear clients,

Please note that to improve the quality of trading accounts servicing in the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, AMarkets will change the contract size for stocks on the weekend of April 16-17:

  • Current contract size: 1 lot = 100 shares
  • After the update: 1 lot = 1 share

If you already have open positions, their volume will be increased proportionally by 100 times.

For example, you have an open BUY position of 0.77 lot in AAPL.US stock. After the changes, the volume of your position will be increased to 77 lots. But at the same time, the contract size will be decreased by 100 times. As a result, you will have a BUY position of 77 CFDs in Apple stock.

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