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AMarkets prepares to launch the first representative office in Nigeria

On Saturday, March 27, AMarkets hosted another seminar in Nigeria.

Mr. John Igwe, a mentor with years of experience in the industry and an AMarkets partner in Ikeja (Lagos), was the keynote speaker of this event.

John has developed his own system, which allows even novice traders to profit from trading as they make their first steps in the financial markets. That’s what makes his approach so unique.

Mr. John Igwe plans to conduct similar seminars for the Ikeja audience on a regular basis. A series of online and offline seminars will be held in the coming weeks. Absolutely anyone can join. To participate in the next seminar, register at this link. You will receive a personal invitation to the event and an attractive bonus offer from AMarkets for your successful start in the financial markets.

AMarkets is making great strides towards its goal in the Nigerian market, holding seminars, adding more convenient deposit options that allow clients to fund their trading accounts in Naira, and growing its client and partner base. Soon, AMarkets will open its first representative office in Lagos so that clients can receive high-quality service from the globally recognized broker. Stay tuned!